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Openhand Documentaries

Manifesting Miraculous New Realities in the 5D Shift

The 5D Shift gathers a pace, with the impact beginning to affect the planet widely. How do we each best ride the changes that are coming upon us? That's the subject addressed in this clipping from Openhand's current 5D Shift World Tour. What is the pathway through this world into the higher paradigm? How do you best walk it in all the small things that you do? And exactly just how miraculous can life become?

The Revelation of YOU

What exactly is authentic being and how do you find it? First it's about opening through the inner tightness and restrictions caused by identity - the conditioning of society. But then pure beingess is not about doing nothing. It's about unleashing the abundant qualities of the soul, which may first be felt as subtle vibrations and feelings. It's about tuning into those and giving energy to them, expressing them out into the world. Then Right Action, aligned with your soul, simply flows as a path of light. From Openhand's latest world tour.

Expanding Your Consciousness (in the Great 5D Shift)

The Great 5D Shift gathers apace. And you're feeling it, in your relationships, your careers and general living circumstances. It's very challenging, pulling on all the connections into the old reality. It can generate fear, doubt and anxiety. Here's a short inspirational movie to encourage you onwards, to keep breaking down the old limitations and expanding through. It's shot on top of a volcano, on the magical island of La Palma in the Canaries, way above the Matrix. Enjoy...

Break Through Subconscious Tightness

Everyone carries subconscious tightness around with them, be it from circumstances in this lifetime or karmic ones from past lives. Whatever rosy picture one might paint on top, this subconscious density still creates distortion and limitation, in relationships, careers, all aspects of life. How do you effectively process and dissolve it? Here's an insight with a clip from Openhand's Breakthrough Workshop...

Unleashing Your Cosmic Self

What will it take to break through into your Cosmic Self? What will that be like? This is Openhand's latest mini movie on how to break through into a phenomenal new experience of life, that you can carry with you all the time. It's taken from Openhand's Breakthrough World Tour. The Approach is changing people's lives the world over...

Spiritual Motivation - One Small Step

What happens when you're faced with monumental change in your life? It's all about trust in the divine and realising that you don't have to cross the mountain is one giant leap. It's always a sequence of small steps. And as you summon the courage to step into the unknown, trusting that the divine will come to meet you. It always does! Here's a motivational video about how to face such obstacles with spiritual alignment, and what you might expect will then happen. The second in our series on Spiritual Motivation...

What is Ascension into the New Paradigm?

    "It's been prophecised
    and spoken of for centuries.
    It's magical and mystical.
    To the uninitiated it may seem way out,
    weird and whacky;
    but in fact its grounded in the
    quantum fabric of science.
    It is very ordinary, awesomely ordinary!
    It is our Ascension..."

    Remastered short doco film...

5GATEWAYS remastered movie (trailer 2015)

Profoundly Moving Spiritual Documentary
Our 5GATEWAYS movie has touched the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. So many have said how it accurately describes the journey of inner discovery they're on. We remastered the movie in 2015. Here's the new trailer. Please do share widely - we feel it is meant to help many people on the path. Thankyou...

5GATEWAYS remastered film (2015)

Thousands of people around the world watched the original 5GATEWAYS movie and said how it changed their lives. Now here's the remastered version of 2015. It details from direct first hand experience, the journey of Spiritual Enlightenment and Ascension into the New Paradigm. How is your life being affected by the profound shifts of consciousness taking place? How can you ride the changes smoothly and successfully?...

Transcendence - the path to freedom

What does "Transcendence" truly mean? How can it help you to successfully follow the spiritual path; to evolve and grow? Why do we suffer, and how do we overcome suffering? Here's a video clip taken from our Divinicus Launch Seminar. It explores how the soul works to set you free, bringing you back into the loving embrace of the divine - by confronting your mental, emotional and physical pain...